Improvements we'd like to see happen.


  1. Place signs at road intersections along the Des Plaines River Trail, indicating access to local businesses and food establishments.  This would be great for hikers/bikers who may not know the area very well and would like to get a snack or lunch.  You could make the signs like small individual arrows attached to a post, so it would be easy to make changes and additions.  This would also be great for local businesses.

  2. Add sidewalk or gravel trail along the south side of Oakton, east of River Road (which would improve access to the Des Plaines River Trail)

  3. Make it possible to cross under I-294 along the West bank of the Des Plaines River (connect small park just South of I-294 with the area belonging to the Isaac Walton League).

  4. Install a pedestrian/bike crossing of the Wisconsin Central Line at Forest Ave.  This would allow pedestrian access from the residential area East of the Wisconsin Central line into the shopping along Lee/Mannheim (Aldi, Boston Fish Market, Jewel etc.).  It would also allow kids to get to Maine West High School along Forest Ave. by foot or bike, without riding or walking along Oakton.

  5. Pedestrian-oriented improvements for Golf-Wolf intersection (‘T’ intersection adjacent to United Feather and Down).  Crossing Golf at Wolf is difficult and inconvenient since there is no way for pedestrians to get across Golf from the East side of Wolf.  A pedestrian light and better mid-crossing refuge is needed at this location.

  6. Sidewalk on East side of Wolf, just south of Golf has steps, which are a problem for bikes.  Why not build a small ramp adjacent to the steps so that bicyclists can use this sidewalk without dismounting?

  7. Build pedestrian/bike bridge over gully in Cumberland Terrace park.  This will give neighborhoods to the south and west access to Warrington Rd., Golf Rd. and beyond.

  8. Wolf-Sidwalk-Problems - Examples of bike ramp options

  9. Improvements - River Trail Access on Oakton & Touhy

  10. Improvements - I294-Trail Underpass

  11. Forest Avenue - Railroad Crossings

  12. Cul-dec-sacs - as Pedestrian & Bike Passages

  13. Crossing of Union Pacific Freight Line at Westfield Gardens

  14. Algonquin Rd. at the Union Pacific freight line Mt Prospect/Wolf